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==What are quotations?==
Quotations are at once [[World|mundane]] and [[heaven|sublime]]. Whatever the philosophical stance, country, race, or religion of their origin; whether they be serious or whimsical; whether their creators are famous or notorious, controversial or celebrated, quotations are the essence of wisdom refined to a handful of well-chosen words.
They may [[w:inspiration|inspire]] us to seek an understanding of their creators, to consider our own lives, to laugh, or merely to admire their mastery of language. However we use them, quotations summarize the collective insights of society, a legacy of knowledge passed onward, from one generation to the next.
== What is Wikiquote? ==
Wikiquote is an '''accurate''' and '''comprehensive''' collection of '''notable''' '''quotations'''.
* '''Accurate''': Wikiquote strives for accuracy. We try to cite sources, preferably those in which the quotation first appears, otherwise notable attribution of the quotation. We try to find those quotes which are mistakenly attributed, correctly document them and, if possible, determine cause of misattribution.
* '''Comprehensive''': Wikiquote is inclusive, and seeks quotations from many diverse people, literary works, films, memorials, epitaphs and more. We include quotations from the present and the past, and from all places.
* '''Notable''': We limit ourselves to quotations which are notable. A quotation can be notable because it has achieved fame due to its enduring relevance to many people, or because it is attributed to a notable individual, or appeared in a notable work.
* '''Quotations''': Wikiquote is a collection of quotations. For the sake of completeness, articles should have a short introduction about the topic, context or source. However, the primary goal is to include quotations.