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(mmstoo zyzqku xdquux pkcbri)
Small building that big, that river, that story is not open to me to lay a loose complex, and dropped it sent word sentences iceberg.
When we are like clouds , all the world to see , are the clouds ; When we are like white lotus , all the world to see , are the white lotus ; had no one , where can the dust alight . Purity of heart , everything clean ; heart good , everything good ; heart America , everything America ; heart quiet , everything is quiet. Life is nothing more than a practice, heart, everything is moving . We are stuck in their own weaving love , the love of his love , thinking their own thoughts , think I think ; trapped in our own manufacturing siege in his own pain, pain , suffering his own suffering, the music his own music . All this, in fact, nothing to do with other people , with their affair . Love others , in fact, is to love ourselves ; blame others , in fact, blame ourselves ; hate others , in fact, hate ourselves. We are not stuck in love , but their heart ; we are not trapped in the siege , trapped in our own hearts. Eyes to see, the world is not where the siege ! The body is the siege of the mind, the body of the house is under siege, the small courtyard of the house of the siege , the city was a small hospital siege , the earth is the siege of the city, the universe is Earth Siege ; meditation concept of life, life when no siege. Childhood , parents are the siege ; during school, the school is the siege ; grow up , work the siege ; After love, marriage is the siege ; later married, home is the siege. We are a small family Siege ; country is everyone's Siege ; World is the siege of the country. We trapped in the siege , the siege stuck in our hearts.
Big snow outside the car , the upward pulling collar, attention once again penetrate into the snow line , into endless , pale gray sky vague but , gradually, actually reflects the mind many things, but also a profound long , dream, like magic .
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