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Bot flag for DragonBot
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(Bot flag for DragonBot)
[[Şablon:Kardeşproje]]yi 29 Haziran 2005 tarihinde hazırlamışsın ama kullanmamışsınız. Hatırlatmak istedim--[[Kullanıcı:Nosferatü|Nosferatü]] 18:49, 20 Haziran 2006 (UTC)
== Bot flag for [[User:DragonBot|DragonBot]] ==
I have a bot running on several wikiquotes : [[User:DragonBot|DragonBot]]. Its sole purpose is adding interwikis links. I already have the bot flag for it on fr,en,de,pl,sl,bg,hu,ja,no,gl (I'm a sysop from fr)
I'd like to have the bot flag here too so I thought I would just ask you for the procedures. Does it need a community approval or just a bureaucrat (you then :)) one?
I've just ran the bot for foolproofing. You can see its edits [[Special:Contributions/DragonBot|here]].
Thanks! [[Kullanıcı:Chtit draco|Chtit draco]] 16:26, 22 Haziran 2007 (UTC)