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Vikisöz'deki pek çok sayfa "Kaynaklı" ve "Kaynaksız" başlıkları altında bölümlere ayrılır.
In Wikiquote, many articles are divided into "Sourced" and "Unsourced" sections.
* '''SourcedKaynaklı''' sections should include only quotes that have [[w:WP:RS|reliable, specific sources]], cited immediately below each quote in a separate source line. Quotes in these sections are usually arranged in chronological order, sometimes with subheadings collecting quotes from individual published works.
* '''UnsourcedKaynaksız''' sections include quotes without any sources, as well as quotes whose sources are not sufficiently specific to allow reasonable [[w:WP:V|verification]]. These quotes are variously unordered, ordered alphabetically or chronologically (undated quotes at the end), or grouped by subject.
"Specific" means identifying a publication with enough information to readily find the quote. A book title and author are useful, but an ISBN for the specific edition, a page number from that edition, and/or a chapter are much more specific. A website home page is not specific; a link to the page that contains the quote and the date it was accessed by the editor ''are'' specific.
== Alıntıları bir bölümden diğerine taşımak ==
== Moving quotes between sections ==
If a source for a quote in the "Unsourced" section is known by any Wikiquote user, they are welcome to move the quote into the "Sourced" section and to add the source below the quote.
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== HistoricalGeçmişe notesait notlar ==
Wikiquote used to use the headings "Attributed" and "Verified", but changed the system to make clearer the distinction between solidly sourced quotes and questionable ones. (Wikimedia projects rely on editors to independently verify and update material at any time because there is no reasonable way to "lock" a "verified" quote.)
"Attributed" is now occasionally used to make a distinction for quotes that have reliable publications as sources, but which cannot confirm the quote is accurate. For example, [[Mark Twain]] might be credited in reliable publications with the quote "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme", but no Twain scholar has found this quote in any of his writings or correspondence. It might therefore be placed in an "Attributed" section with the source that cites the quote, but including a brief explanation of why it is not formally "sourced". This is a relatively new usage of the "Attributed" heading.
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